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For sure everyone like to relax on the beach drinking juice and having fun. And your future year depends on how you will spend your vacation.Summer vacation in a posh location near the sea will provide the perfect relaxation for body and soul , as well as give cheerfulness and positive mood. The windows are very important. It determines our stress level. It is definitely effective on our world view.

Summer house architecture is easy in designing because a great view of the sea itself suggests that the main thing – is to provide a home large windows with panoramic views . Adaptation of the project under the beautiful landscape – it’s the best part of the work of the architect. A well-chosen size and shape of the window , its location can open new views of the surrounding nature.

Feelings that you aways stay at the sea are enhanced by magnificent communications – large bedroom windows are covered with nothing , or covered with light blinds. This allows the penetration of sunlight at different times of the day at every corner . Accordingly, resting in the bedroom can freely enjoy the soothing vast water surface of the sea.

View window varies depending on weather, time of day, season. Therefore lying on the bed you can see different pictures of the window , dreaming and depending on your mood , to represent the captain of a pirate ship , a traveler, fisherman , or even a seagull hovering above the waves.



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